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Avvron is an expert engineering design and development company developing high efficiency and light weight power-trains.
The mission to to create a low carbon highly efficient future technology power-train for industries that cannot convert to electricity, the main two areas of focus are aviation and marine. Avvron has the best power to weight ratio heavy fuel drone engine.


Weslake – The History

The company Weslake was created by Harry Weslake over 100 years ago. The historic UK brand Weslake has a Rich heritage of novel powertrain design and manufacture with wins in many fields of motorsport including Formula 1, Le Mans 24-hour, offshore powerboat, motorcycle racing.

Weslake has built a reputation as a highly innovative propulsion design and manufacturing company. The brand was well known and respected throughout the UK , Europe and the Americas for being the motive force behind many high-profile victories including the Ford GT40 LeMans 24 hour, world speedway and world power boat races.

Derek Bell driving the Gurney Weslake Eagle at the 2018 Goodwood Revival 2018. The Photographer is Paul Field
Derek Bell driving the Gurney Weslake Eagle at the 2018 Goodwood Revival 2018. The Photographer is Paul Field

Current History

Weslake have recently developed an Opposed Piston Uniflow powertrain that can operate on low fire risk bio and heavy fuels. It has excellent fuel efficiency and a good power to weight ratio.​
The engine has immediate applications in both Marine and Aerospace propulsion, also future applications as a range extender Auxiliary Power Unit for Urban Air Mobility also lightweight portable generators and pumps for disaster relief.​
Due to the limitation of battery storage capacity, electrification for marine and aerospace applications are limited. There is a very strong market requirement for ‘heavy oil’ fueled marine and aviation propulsion for the foreseeable future.​

Alt Engine Factors

300-400 HP

The 300 – 400 HP variant is at an advanced stage of design

80 HP Outboard

Weslake already have a demonstrator 80HP diesel powered outboard motor in service for commercial workboats

A90 Variant

The A-90 Aero heavy fuel Jet A1 engine has been taken around the country for demonstrations 

Eco friendly

Aircraft fuel costs per hour (£)

Relative percentage of CO2 emissions

The Team

Tomas Otto Hanson


John Lamberton


Chris Downtown

Senior Design Engineer

Andrew Freeth


Dr.Bill Brooks

Dr. Bill Brooks

Aeronautical Engineer

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Prototype Manufacture

photo of Theo Taptiklis

Theodore Taptiklis

Systems and Software Engineer

Grant McConnochie

Dr. Vijay Cauhan

Thermal Dynamics

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